About RabbitMQ users

Hi All!

I’ve run into some questions in regards of the RabbitMQ users and I would appreciate some help understanding what are all of the users for and how are they being used exactly.

So, edx-configuration defines the following users for RabbitMQ:

We override RABBIT_USERS to set EDXAPP_CELERY_PASSWORD as the celery user’s password. So here’s what I do know about those users:

  • The admin user is for administrative interactions with RabbitMQ
  • The celery user is for Celery running on edX app servers.

And here’s what I don’t know but would really like to find out:

  • What is the edx user for exactly?

In addition, It seems that all of the users that are defined in RABBIT_USERS, become admin users, not just the user named admin:

So I would also like to understand why is that?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take a moment and help me understand this! :slight_smile: