About the poll-xblock's API for native mobile frontend

I try to check the poll result via xblock-poll : Retrieve current survey tally and current user’s vote
But the system always shows:

Is there any thing wrong? ( where is the correct ‘course key’? )

You need to encode the + signs in the URL as %2B, otherwise they get interpreted as a space. But they are supposed to be literal + signs.

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I trird and the system shows the same message
(I also replace the ‘-’ as %2D . But the system always shows ‘-’)

Check again… it looks like you deleted the +/%2b that’s supposed to be between test and 20180614

You are correct. But the return data is not as the example poll return value.
return.txt (69.9 KB)

Do you know where is the choice of a poll/survey in database?