Additional answers are embedding in page

Hello masters,
Last weak I found a surprise but I didn’t share it because I had to make sure about it.
Now I found that this problem exists and also presented in
To produce this, easily add a problem component to a unit (keep the additional answer), then check the unit’s live preview. You’re able to inspect an <additional_answer> tag which includes one of the correct answers of the question. Also I realize this is happening under’s course-v1:edX+DemoX.1+2T2019. go through:

Optional: Example Problem Types >>> Basic Problems >>> Fill-in-the-Blank .

Note: this tag is generating with JS. So you have to use your browser’s Developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+i in Chrome), View page source is not a choice.

Thanks, we are looking into it.

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Hey @nedbat ,
can you address any progress on this please?
can I track this on Jira for example? or maybe a github PR?
Thank you

As it happens, the fix is landing in the public repos today:

BTW, next time, an email to will also work instead of a Discourse topic, but thanks for finding it! :slight_smile:

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Hey everybody,
If you are on hawthorn or ironwood (I’m not sure about prior releases), you are involved with this problem.
So for howthorn.master I successfully cherry-picked these two commits from Awais Jibran to fix it: Fixing quality and Fix CAPA Problems

Thank you @nedbat