Analytic reinstallation on ironwood.master

Hi, I want to know can I rerun the analytic installation on my server ironwood. master. In my server, the Analytic setup is all finished, and it’s working, but now I want to upgrade my Hadoop version in analytics. So can I run the analytic installation with the latest Hadoop version on my server?

Hadoop version upgrade is needed at my server coz a malware attack. My Hadoop version is 2.7.2 and I want to change 3.2.3. But I don’t know how to upgrade. So, I want to install again analytic installation on the server, whether it’s possible or not. Pls help me and give me advice.

Many Thanks

sudo su - hadoop

cd / edx / app / hadoop

hadoop jar hadoop - 2.3.0 / share / hadoop / mapreduce / hadoop - mapreduce - examples - 2.3.0.jar pi 2 100

I will install about this link and I change at Hadoop latest version in this command.

Pls help me…

Hi @rose,

Looks like a duplicate topic of this one. Anyway, Insights is a piece of software close to be deprecated. There are a couple of alternatives created by Open edX service providers. You can check there to see if they can fit your needs.

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