Assets fail to load from LMS : No logging

I’ve got a basic OpenEDX install (tutor), and in general, it looks like :

User → Proxy1 → Proxy2 (on docker host) → Docker

Proxy2 is an SSL endpoint, and is there to do proper routing. Yes, its needed in this case due to other requirements.

I’ve notice that the LMS gives a 404 on a specific image :

-H ‘Host: edx.domain.local’ -H ‘cookie: ’ http://localhost:8000/asset-v1:TechAcademy+TA001+2023+type@asset+block@images_course_image.jpg

results in a 404. Triggering this results in no logging what so ever. Any idea on how to debug this ? I know the request goes to uswgi, but I have no idea on how to debug this why it gives a 404. Any clues on how to debug this ?

I also tried /static/images/favicon.03ffbbf95a0d.ico as a target, which does result in a 200 + data, and also no logging. Clues more then welcome, my knowledge on uswgi is limited.