Best practices checklist: how to create mobile-friendly video


I’m trying to follow all the best practices when creating my course. But there is one point, related to “Create mobile-friendly videos” that is tough to pass with flying colors. It says:

“mobile-friendly videos can be viewed across all supported devices. Ensure that at least %90 of course videos are mobile friendly by uploading course videos to the edX video pipeline.”

Once I defined the YouTube URL of the video I thought that it will be suffice to provide an additional link to an external hosted mp4, but it seems that it is not enough to pass that “mobile-friendly” point. What should I do? And if that is not possible to pass -using a personal instance of Open edX-, how can we deactivate that best practice point? Thanks!

Hi Juanan - I think the assumption here is that users of Open edX would integrate an HLS video pipeline. While not part of the Open edX distribution, integrating it would follow best practices.

There is no harm in this checklist being incomplete. So you could just ignore this item until your organization is able to implement HLS.