Build/Test/Release Working Group Bi-Monthly Meetup

Come and help us improve Open edX! :partying_face:

We are scheduling an online bi-monthly meetup: here is the calendar :calendar:

The goal of this meetup is to collaboratively identify and resolve issues related to the Open edX named releases.

This is a great place to start if you don’t have much experience contributing to Open edX and are looking at levelling up :mushroom:. We would like you to help us resolve these issues. If need be, you will be paired with a more experienced Open edX developer who will help us resolve road blocks.

If you already have experience with Open edX and you would like to help newcomers get on board with Open edX development, please join this meetup :hugs:

Meetups are scheduled such that people from all timezones should be able to join at least once a month :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia:

See you soon!


The meetings seem to be at 12h00 PM West and 05h00 AM East in what I can see in the calendar for August 2020.

What timezone is being used? Being on the East Coast of North America, the West meeting seems more appropriate for me if the timezone being used is EST/EDT. Or is it UTC?

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Hey @sambapete! I tried very hard to get the timezone right, but I’m not 100% sure it worked as I wanted. I believe that Jira displays events in the timezone associated to your account:

From my perspective, tomorrow’s meeting is scheduled for 6 pm; this corresponds to 4 pm UTC ( and noon in Montreal. So yes, the West meeting should be best suited for you – but hey I don’t know maybe you have different sleep patterns :wink:

Will you be available at that schedule? We can change it for the next meetups if necessary.

I 'll be there. Thanks.

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Thanks to those who joined! Here is the recording of the meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for August 17th at, 9 AM UTC (here is the Zoom link This time was selected such that more contributors from Asia could participate. I know there are many Open edX users and developers from India and China out there, and I’m eager to meet you all!

Thanks @regis! Added to my calendar. :slight_smile: