Change logo and navigation link positions in header

As title says, I want to move logo to center of header and nvaigation links under logo. Here is an image.

I forked indigo theme, changed color footer logo etc. For ehader, I copied themes folder from lms container and pasted header.html and header folder inside my theme. Sadly, I am stuck at how can I move those elements. tried text-align: center since the image is wrapped by an h1 tag, tried to change position attribute and lastly tried to center align-content and text-align attribues inside variables.scss for main-header and some other tags I saw in code.
Thanks in advance.

Here is the doc for theming with Tutor Changing the appearance of Open edX — Tutor documentation
and for the indigo theme: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-indigo: An elegant, customizable theme for Open edX
I do not recommend changing the logo position the way you want, it can break the alignment of other elements, also you need to consider the view on mobile devices if you want to do so.
it also makes it harder for you to upgrade the theme in the future.
If you want to use Indigo theme I suggest you change the logo image, not its position.