Configure Cornerstone integrated channel

Ironwood release, master branch:
I can see there are a couple of Enterprise Customer configuration options available in the django admin application (/admin):

ENTERPRISE DEGREED INTEGRATION -> Degreed enterprise customer configurations and ENTERPRISE SAP SUCCESSFACTORS INTEGRATION -> Sap success factors enterprise customer configurations

There are no configuration options available for Cornerstone, even though Cornerstone is already available as an integrated channel on the edx-enterprise github project

Has anyone configured Cornerstone integration with Open Edx and can provide pointers on how to go about implementing and configuring Cornerstone integrated channel?

I have been playing with various options available under THIRD-PARTY AUTHENTICATION options (oAuth, SAML etc.) but not sure how to make it work if that’s the way to go.

Thanks Xavier (@antoviaque) for moving this to the correct channel.

@DelOps community: can anyone help on this please?