Configuring SSL on Insights setup


We have a setup of Insights Hawthorn version configured without SSL.
I would like to enable SSL on this setup.
Can someone help with the procedure any pointer for that.


It depends on your installation structure. If you have a simple instance which has been setup using native method,
then you can find this file:


and add your license information to it

Thanks. But it keeps giving below error even after adding the certificate details.

400 Bad Request

The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS portnginx/1.18.0


There would be a lot of causes for this.
I think you should tail nginx error log carefully or ask an expert for help.

@bindu_rajesh, should give you the details on how to configure and enable SSL for nginx. The insights site is configured using the /edx/app/nginx/sites-available/insights virtual host configuration file as @mahyard already pointed out.

Thank you for the responses…
I am trying to do a re installation with required parameters.


I was able to complete the installation with HTTPS and access the reports.
The links under External tools category on Insights home page is pointing to a path as below:
Therefor it gives 404 page not found error.

Where can I change these links. I don’t see any reference for this in insights.yml file.

Thanks for help.