Contributors Meetup Async Update - April 6th, 2023 - April 17th, 2023

Contributors Meetup Async Update

April 6th, 2023 - April 17th, 2023

Welcome to our Core Contributors async update!

1. Working Groups Updates

Working Groups Calendar :calendar:

Marketing Working Group

  • Chair: Eden Huthmacher
  • Next Meetup: April 19th

DevOps Working Group

Hi Régis! What would be the right place to get this information from?

BTR Working Group

DevEx Working Group

Large Instances Working Group

Frontend Working Group

  • Chair: @arbrandes
  • Headlines:
  • Some updates of the journey to getting foundational support for TypeScript in MFEs:
    • They released a new shared @edx/typescript-config NPM package intended to be the common TypeScript config for most projects (NPM)
    • They will need to add TypeScript support for ESLint, which is what’s proposed by this PR; would welcome any feedback!
    • They pushed up changes to this PR in @edx/frontend-build which extends @edx/typescript-config but blocked on the above item (i.e., will need to upgrade @edx/eslint-config if/when the above PR merges).
    • They intend to release all these under alpha releases (for @edx/frontend-build and @edx/eslint-config) to avoid unintentionally breaking things for existing consumers while we QA with MFEs.
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:

Data Working Group

  • Chair: Edward Zarecor & Tobias Macey
  • Next Meetup: April 19th

DEPR Working Group

Product Working Group


Hi @antoviaque! what would be the right place to get this information from? would you like to add any updates?

  • Headlines
  • Blockers and Calls/offers for help
  • Record meeting link
  • Meeting notes link


2. Improvements and Calls/offers for help

If you think you can lend a hand to any of the core contributors that are blocked, feel free to reach out to them!

3. Events

4. Projects

Would anyone like to highlight any new or ongoing projects?

5. Next async update and meetup

Please reply to this post with any questions or comments you may have!


Thank you for doing this work @Natalia_Choconta :+1:

Sorry for the delay in answering you - between vacation and conference, I’m only catching up on the forums now.

For the TOC reporting, I’m happy to help answer or summarize as needed, but maybe @e0d, as the committee’s chair, you might want to handle it? The notes and summaries of the TOC meetings you post in the forum would be the best material to include in those updates imho.

FYI we don’t record the TOC meetings currently, so there is no Record link. For this sprint’s update - we have met and discussed at the conference, as well as in a follow-up confcall last week, so there should be notes posted soon about them.

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I’ll also post an update for the core contributors, for the past two sprints:


Contributed by core contributors: 543h (270h/sprint)


Conference work

Many of us last month were attending, giving talks, volunteering to organize it. Catching up with everyone.


  • Restarting the campus working group - meeting at the conference between several projects (ASU/Ethiopia, Spain, edX)
  • Meeting about the future of ecommerce and associated extension APIs (Felipe)
  • Nominated Marco for product cc (Felipe)
  • Collected feedback from the Product Working Group’s brainstorming session at the conference (Sarina, Ali)
  • Design work for the Marketplace page (Ali)
  • Draft of a Typeform survey on improving CC processes (Ali)
  • Discussions with the Axim/2U Product Team about the Navigation Sidebar project: #231 (Ali)

Development & DevOps


  • Discussion about new initiatives for 2023 and prioritization (Juan)
  • Creating the OKR’s planning for the Marketing working group (Angie)
  • Created a matrix to analyze the main criteria of our competitors, enabling us to take informed actions in our marketing strategy (Angie)


  • TOC meetings & preparation (Ed, Stefania, Samuel, Xavier)

Documentation & translation

  • Videos How-To (Ana)
  • Translations (Ana, Pierre)
  • Upstreaming “Open Source Masterclass” - Reviewed & merged changes from last sprint, set a date for the next sprint (Xavier)

Plus the usual: working group attendance, discussions on forums & Slack.


Things that went well

The main comment seem to have been how much people have enjoyed the conference. :slight_smile:

It was great to see everyone at the conference! Peter Pinch
palm.master branch was created: GitHub - openedx/edx-platform at open-release/palm.master Peter Pinch
Enjoyed collaborating with Axim and 2U product teams. Ali Hugo
Got to meet some of my fellow Core Contributors in person and get to know them better. The conference also helped me feel more a part of the community. Ali Hugo
The conference was amazing. Lots to think about now. So many things to collaborate on Felipe Montoya
The conference was awesome! And it was really nice to see everyone who attended :slight_smile: Xavier Antoviaque
The conference was great! Braden
The Open edX Conference :slight_smile: Brian Mesick
The OpenCraft/eduNext coworking day, together in Bogota! : ) Xavier Antoviaque
We are coming from the conference with renewed energy and new group members. Juan Montoya
We arre getting more organized Angie Ruiz

Blockers & request for collaboration

- 15 minutes was a bit short to prepare the room lead for the lightning talks (added to the conference feedback doc) - The town hall was great! It would be good to have it more often, and maybe some concrete action items and follow-ups from it. Xavier Antoviaque
- Can fix: BadOraLocationResponse error by dyudyunov · Pull Request #168 · openedx/frontend-app-ora-grading · GitHub or fix: BadOraLocationResponse error by dyudyunov · Pull Request #168 · openedx/frontend-app-ora-grading · GitHub get reviewed and merged, so we can include frontend-app-ora-grading in the Palm release? Peter Pinch
- Can someone review and merge this PR, which is blocking the ORA grading MFE from being included in the Palm release? fix: locationId should strip PUBLIC_PATH prefix by arbrandes · Pull Request #146 · openedx/frontend-app-ora-grading · GitHub - I’d love some feedback on which MFEs should be included in the Palm release. You can see the list of candidates and share your thoughts on this issue: Palm: List of new MFEs · Issue #250 · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub Peter Pinch
- What’s going on with codecov? A token error is causing tests to fail in cs_comment_service. Does it need to be removed from all repos? Peter Pinch
Looking for data analytics use cases to guide the charts shipped with OARS: A free online tool to ask and upvote questions Reach out if you or your team are interested in helping us build it! Jill


Coming up next for core contributors the upcoming sprint:


  • Contributors working group creation follow-up (Xavier)


  • I’m on leave for week 1 of the sprint, but would like to post the CC processes survey during week 2 if it’s ready (Ali)
  • Watch videos of platform user interviews that 2U is conducting next week (Ali)
  • Put the feedback received during the conference brainstorming session together in an easily-digestible format and share it with the Product Working Group (Ali)
  • Check on public roadmap updating (Xavier)
  • Campus WG - Review roadmap (Xavier)


  • Take the lead in one of the new MWG initiatives (Juan)

Dev & devOps:


  • Upstreaming course - Project management (Xavier)
  • OEP for escalation process to TOC - Draft (Xavier)
  • Palm release notes (Peter)

I brought up the blockers & requests for collaboration during the synchronous contributor meetup yesterday:

Analytics - looking for use cases

@jill We have advertised this during the contributors meetup yesterday - do you still need more use cases? I assume you are already providing the examples from OpenCraft - if not we can look into it.

Also, a question that came up – are you already getting examples from 2U use cases? At the conference a lot of hands were raised when asking who in the audience of the OARS talk were using the Open edX analytics pipeline, and that was probably staff or partners from 2U/ If not, to unblock it it could be worth talking to @Kelly_Buchanan and @nedbat about it. It was noted that the larger scale of 2U might not make it interested in OARS, but that it would still be useful to get the list of most useful graphs from 2U – and there has been interest in adopting OARS within 2U.

Palm release - Which MFEs?

The list here seem to have been determined already:

In meeting with @pdpinch, we decided to pursue the following for Palm:

  • frontend-app-ora-grading
  • frontend-app-communications
  • frontend-app-learner-dashboard

Though it’s worth bringing it up if there is any issue with this - Jenna suggested adding the new problem editor. Details on the issue.

Noted during the discussion: if there are blockers, for example from repositories that don’t have official maintainers from 2U – refer to Ned and Kelly to help facilitating discussions and decisions, as mentioned above.

Codeconv issue

This has been solved via the core-contributor channel on Slack: Slack

Requests for reviews & merges

@pdpinch Thanks for escalating those PRs – @Kelly_Buchanan is going to have a look at them. CC @itsjeyd

Town hall feedback

People present in the contributors meetup liked it, and would also like to do it again. Feedback from the conference feedback form will be reviewed to decide whether it’s done again or not.

For action items, there wasn’t a lot of time available for the town hall, so that wasn’t included - but notes of the meeting will be published, individuals should then create and assign tasks based on these discussions. @sarina has created a thread to list action items coming from the town hall: Community Town Hall: What Are Our Action Items?

Also to note that there is a concrete task that has been assigned: the creation of the educators working group, which is in progress.

@antoviaque Ack.

It looks like these PRs are moving forward now:

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