Contributors Meetup Async Update - January 20th - February 2nd, 2024

3. What did you accomplish this sprint? (continued)


  • Wrote and posted TOC notes from last meeting
  • Followed up on meeting about stalled OSPRs
  • Reviewed draft questions for CC Survey
  • Created list of interviewees FOSDEM & second interview for Upstreaming Course
  • Recurring:
    • monitored & posted meetings summaries & transcripts
    • followed up and answered Core sprints (async)
    • Moderated Forum


  • OSPR triage
  • Attended new Maintenance Working Group meeting


  • Provided an image and icon for the “AI/Personalized learning Tools” filter on the Open edX Marketplace page
  • Attended the UX/UI, and Core Product Working Group meetings
  • Worked on the draft of the Core Contributor survey


  • Advanced with WooCommerce plugin improvements


  • Reviewed frontend-app-course-authoring PRs
  • Fixed tutor for docker compose



  • Joined the Open edX meet up
  • Rehearsed and did live sessions Open edX conference planning meetings


  • Continued with the documentation migration in preparation to have Educators Working Group build out docs
  • Joined Educators Working Group - gamification in open courses
  • Created gamification assets from Educators Working Group