Contributors Meetup Async Update - June 24th, 2023 - July 7th, 2023

Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 24 June 2023 to 7 July 2023

You can find the full report in Listaflow:

A total of 238.75 hours were reported this sprint:

Name Hours
Kyle McCormick 50
Feanil Patel 40
Fayyaz Ahmed 20
Andrés González 20
Maria Grimaldi 15
Xavier Antoviaque 9.5
Jill 9
Peter Pinch 8
Santiago Suarez 8
Gabriel 7.25
Zia Fazal 7
Ali Hugo 7
Farhaan 6
Pierre Mailhot 6
Felipe Montoya 6
Matjaz Gregoric 5
Braden 5
Cassie 4.5
Piotr 3
Ignacio (Nacho) Despujol Zabala 1.5
Dean Jay Mathew 1

1. Do you need any help? Or is there anything you’d like to collaborate on?

We need more comments and ideas about PR review delays & how to improve them: Pull Requests Review Delays (Xavier Antoviaque)

For a feature that’s used so frequently, waffle flags are not well-documented – Neither the library nor the implementations. (Peter Pinch)

2. What went well this sprint?

The people are participating constantly in the UI UX WG (Santiago Suarez)

I have completed my onboarding course for CC and successfully onboarded as CC. I also completed all of my assigned tests and am still in 2nd position with 72 tests. (Fayyaz Ahmed)

Constructive discussions around how to improve the review delays on contributed PRs - Pull Requests Review Delays. (Xavier Antoviaque)

I got useful feedback quickly on (Peter Pinch)

Getting the conversation going so quickly for the LTI Marketplace - kudos Anna! (Cassie)

3. What did you accomplish this sprint?

(Felipe Montoya)

(Xavier Antoviaque)

(Santiago Suarez)
I participated in the discussion about changes to Studio File Management system
And I begin to create a protocol to test and approve UI UX of new proposals

(Peter Pinch)
This sprint was mostly spent debugging issues in our deployments using palm, and master. One of the challenges with palm is described in Does the new problem editor work with waffle flag overrides? - #2 by chaugh

(Fayyaz Ahmed)
I mostly execute or rerun tests for Palm and coordinate with Devs on different reported issues and attend BTR and CC meetings.

(Jill Vogel)

  • approved a bunch of Aspects (formerly OARS) OSPRs
  • discussed next steps for the project with Brian
  • reviewed data-wg meeting video and added to the minutes

(Pierre Mailhot)
Reviewed some strings for fr_CA in Transifex.
Attended Developer Experience Working Group meetup.
Caught up on the Open edX meetup that took place while I was on vacation.
Browsed through Discourse and Slack.
Investigating a potential issue with Order History in frontend-app-ecommerce since Olive/Palm on my test server (not clear yet, problem could be on my side).

(Ali Hugo)

  • Product review for #268
  • Giving feedback on the UX of the Listaflow checkin


  • I joined two 2U sessions to discuss the UX and UI direction of LTI Marketplace.
  • Closed the poll “Confirming Core Contributor Sprints”

(Zia Fazal)
Reviewed a ERB PR
Started work on ERB issue 306

4. What do you plan to work on in the upcoming sprint?

(Santiago Suarez)
I am going to present improvement to the UI UX of Studio File Management system and discuss it

(Ali Hugo)

  • Attending 2U’s UX workshop on the Studio homepage
  • Attending the UX/UI Working Group, and Core Product Working Group meetings
  • I am hoping to start work on a script for interviews with some CC’s about our processes

(Xavier Antoviaque)

- PR Review delays - Continue discussion & identify action items
  • TOC Meeting - Attend
  • Core sprints - Recap & answers


  • Core sprints improvements
  • OEP for escalation process to TOC

(Fayyaz Ahmed)
Will go through the remaining testing activities and attend meetings. Also, coordinate with the community on how I can be more productive for the community.

(Jill Vogel)

(Peter Pinch)

  • Bug fixes.
  • hoping to identify new MFEs to be included in the next release, quince

(Pierre Mailhot)
Attend Build Test Release Working Group meetup.
Attend Contributors meetup.
Attend DevX meetup.
Attend Translations meetup.
Preparing our internal migration to Olive and Palm. Pointing out potential issues for future migrations.

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