Contributors Meetup Async Update - May 3rd, 2023 - May 15th, 2023

Contributors meetup Async Update

May 3rd, 2023 - May 15th, 2023

Welcome to our Core Contributors async update!

1. Working Groups Updates

Working Groups Calendar :calendar:

BTR Working Group

Data Working Group

  • Chair: @jill & @BrianMesick
  • Headlines:
    • Funded contribution updates:
      • All Google Analytics 4 PRs have merged for main, Palm, and Olive! Thanks to Adolfo and Raccoon Gang for a ton of work wrangling many PRs.
      • The redis event bus work is nearing completion with v0.1.1 released this morning. We hope to have this (more easily) testable on main within a week
  • OARS production performance testing:
    • EduNEXT has been trying out OARS on a fairly large production site.
  • Event Sinks:
  • Highlight :sparkles:
    • Work is beginning on (optionally) getting (a configurable subset of) tracking log events on the event bus thanks to eduNEXT!
  • Meeting notes:
    2023-05-03 Data WG Meeting notes
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:
    • Time is running out to get your voice heard on what reports you would like to see in OARS v1! The product team is pulling together and prioritizing all of the feedback at the end of this month.

DEPR Working Group

DevEx Working Group

DevOps Working Group

Hi @regis ! Could you help us with this information please?

  • Chair: @regis
  • Headlines:
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:

Educators Working Group

Frontend Working Group

Large Instances Working Group

  • Chair: Braden MacDonald & Felipe Montoya
  • Headlines:
    • List of issues on Harmony project GitHub:
      • publishing tutor plugin - still blocked until one provider is using this in production
      • Monitoring with Prometheus - metrics-server is now installed by another PR; we did not get an update from Lawrence. We will split this into separate tickets to clarify next steps.
      • There is a change that we need to edx-search which is in v3.5.0 but not in the version that’s included in Palm (3.4.0). Jhony has opened a backport PR to resolve this.
      • Enabling SSL support for ElasticSearch/OpenSearch: hasn’t been prioritized for implementation yet.
      • New issue: hosting the Helm chart “properly”. Jhony has been testing a system that uses GitHub pages to host the Helm chart, and it seems to be working well.
      • Braden mentioned that we should add tests to the Helm chart, and will open an issue.
        • Deploying this in production: In the next sprint, eduNEXT will start to deploy this onto one of their clusters and report what they find.
  • Meeting notes:
  • Blockers or Calls/offers for help:

Marketing Working Group


Product Working Group

Security Working Group


Hi @antoviaque! would you like to add any updates?

  • Headlines
  • Blockers and Calls/offers for help

Translation Working Group

2. Events

3. Projects

Would anyone like to highlight any new or ongoing projects?

4. Next async update and meetup

  • Monday May 15th - Update async!
  • Tuesday May 16th - Join the meetup here!

Please reply to this post with any questions or comments you may have!

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2023-04-29 - 2023-05-12.csv (62.2 KB)
2023-04-29 - 2023-05-12.pdf (27.3 KB)

Dear All,

Here is the summary of the latest Core Contributor sprint that took place from 2023-04-29 - 2023-05-12.

Do you need any help? Or is there anything you’d like to collaborate on? User
Please review the draft survey to improve the Core Contributor experience. See review steps here:
Brainstorm: Better Planning, Collaboration, & Reporting for Core Contributor Work - #15 by ali_hugo
Ali Hugo
Palm Testing: We are now in the bug fixing stage and there are a number of issues in GitHub with the Palm Testing label: Issues · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub Dean Jay Mathew
What went well this sprint? User
Palm Testing: 85.5% of test cases are now complete and we’re only half way in terms of time left! Great job testers! Dean Jay Mathew
What did you accomplish this sprint? User
Tested and reviewed OARS PRs. Jill Vogel
- Core contributors process improvements - Review Discuss Post
- TOC Meeting - Finalize Feb summary & review April Github Link
- Core sprints - help answer retro/checkin questions Github Link
- Post action items for town hall Discuss Post
- Upstreaming course - 2 days remote sprint Github Link
- Large instances meeting
- Product working group studio home meeting
- Backlog refinement for the openedx for campus project
Felipe Montoya
- Product Working Group Meeting
- Product review of #228
- Call for review for draft survey about processes
- UX meeting on Studio Home redesign
Ali Hugo
Revised some strings for fr_CA in Transifex.
Attended meeting of the Developer Experience Working Group.
Browsed through Slack and Discourse.
Reinstalled Olive to make sure test TC_LEARNER_37 was working in Olive. It wasn’t. At least not for me. Problem also present in Palm.
Pierre Mailhot
Worked on making UUID of xAPI statements idempotent and created relevant PR Zia Fazal
1. Palm testing coordination.
2. Discuss forum moderation.
Dean Jay Mathew
What do you plan to work on in the upcoming sprint?
- Campus WG - Follow-up
- Wiki spring clean - TOC pages
- OEP for escalation process to TOC - Create PR
- Upstreaming course - Interviews - Test recording & write instructions
Xavier Antoviaque
I’ve used up most of my CC budget for 2023 so far, so am keeping my participation minimal until end of June. Jill Vogel
Reviewing or reproducing issues in the Palm test plan. Pierre Mailhot
Getting the UX/UI subgroup off the ground Ali Hugo
Palm testing must be completed within the next sprint. Dean Jay Mathew

I would like to add that we are nearing the finish line on a new course, Intro to Open edX Project & Contributing - Intro to the Open edX Project & Contributing | Open edX Training Courses - I could use a few beta testers to go through the course and give feedback.

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Hi there! If you want to help solve issues regarding the Open edX Palm testing, you can:

  1. Follow this link: Issues · openedx/wg-build-test-release · GitHub, which filters the issues regarding the testing
  2. Read the issue context, if you think you’re missing something, ask for more info!
  3. Assign yourself and help us with the Palm release :wink:

If you need help solving some of the issues you assigned yourself, ping me! :dancer:t3:


@Natalia_Choconta For the past sprint, the TOC activity revolved around working on the public reports and notes about the recent meetings, which will have the details about the current topics and discussion. It will be useful to get feedback about the format and content, once they are published.

@e0d would you want to provide these updates about the TOC, since you chair the board and manage the publication of the reports, or would you like me to do it?

Contributors meeting discussions

I brought up some of the points from this thread and the previous sprint at the contributor meetup:

Calls for participation highlighted

Feature toggles naming convention

We discussed @ghassan’s request to establish guidelines about the naming of feature toggles. We agreed that the next step is to open a PR to amend OEP-17 - there will be a need to figure out the arbiter, but this can be done on the PR.

Training/onboarding courses

From marketing WG update (sprint 1): “We are hoping to create site operator training and would love to collaborate with BTR on this” → contribute to the onboarding courses?

@sarina and @abstract-technology have already started discussing this, it’s a new domain (onboarding a site operator is different in scope, the onboarding courses currently focus on developer onboarding). It could give a new onboarding course, although it was pointed out that the training materials might not be full courses, but rather small videos. To be specified further.

Working groups list in Listaflow

@Fox_Piacenti I’ve noticed some of the newer working groups are missing in the list on listaflow, like education or large instances devops. Could you have a look at syncing the current list from with the one in Listaflow?

Done. The listing has been updated.

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Perfect @antoviaque! Thank you, it’s very helpful to have the TOC notes, I’m attentive to the publication.

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