Core Contributor intro videos - what do you want to know about CCs?

Following the lead of the Marketing group, @estebanetcheverry and I would like to create a series of short videos starring YOU! and your other Core Contributors, of course :smile: See examples of previous videos on YouTube - the ones that start with “Meet”.

The idea behind these videos would be to have various CCs answer some quick questions about themselves, filmed informally from your home computer using a neat in-browser video capture tool Esteban has.

The first step is coming up with the prompts that we’ll ask of CCs. Here’s a first stab at some questions - please add your comments and suggestions! Also please comment on this thread if the videos are something you’d be willing to do (and note: if I don’t get volunteers I’ll be picking names out of a hat :mage: )


Hi Sarina, I can make the video, please tell me if I should make it on my own or if I have to follow any procedure.


Hi @ndespujol and thank you! :tada:

Right now, we are just brainstorming questions. I’m about to go on holiday; when I’m back next week, I’ll reach out to you with instructions for creating a short video.