Create a new student (POST request)

Hi all, I am trying to make a POST request to create a new student but I am getting a 400 error (Bad request).
The endpoint I am using is /create_account and the body I am sending is the following:

“password”: “test” ,
“email”: “”,
“honor_code”: “true”,
“terms_of_service”: “true”,
“username”: “GeorgesK”,
“name”: “Georges”,
Can anyone help me find the error?

Hi @Raymonde_Akiki - welcome to Open edX!

Have you checked the logs of the LMS and nginx? You might get an error message there that would provide more information about the issue.

Hi @antoviaque
Thank you !
(Forgot to mention I am trying to do the request in Postman)
There is nothing in the log files…

Actually the user’s information should be sent in as form-data and not as a JSON object.