E-mail template for activation

I am looking to customize the activation e-mail template. I have created a copy of activation_email.txt in my theme. I would like to have the same style as the password recovery and enrolment email that goes out. Right now it’s just sent as text, but I’d like to include the html base.html style. How would I go about having that grey box template and styling like the other emails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @JavaMatt!

Which version of Open edX are you running?

The account activation email has been moved to the edx-ace framework for the Juniper release. The new account activation templates are HTML by default (see templates).

I believe Ironwood and older releases only support plain-text account activation emails.

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When the server was setup it was Ironwood, but we’ve recently updated to juniper. The email is still plain text though and not using the edx ace.

Would I be able to use this functionality if I put those templates under my theme folder? I’m a little un-sure of how to go about this. Thank you!

I didn’t try this myself, but I think you should be able to simply copy the relevant email templates to your theme and modify them the way you want.

The example red-theme contains a template override for one of the emails. This one overrides the text email template, but overriding the HTML version should work the same way.
You would have to put any template overrides into the lms/templates/student/edx_ace/accountactivation/email in your theme.