Error when I try run code in codejail, in Open edX, can not find file

  1. Before I’d installed codejail sandbox by instructions from
    Also I talked about the problem with bitnami support in end of topic: They just closed it, and wrote me, that on this forum I should ask about codejail.
    But I’d found instruction:
  2. In directory edx_installdir/apps/edx/venvs/edxapp/src/codejail I’d found codejail
  3. As wrote on page, I’ve activated command edx_installdir/use_edx
  4. By the same instruction, I’d run python. And wrote next:
    import codejail.jail_code
    codejail.jail_code.configure(‘python’, ‘/bin/python’)
    import codejail.safe_exec
    codejail.safe_exec.safe_exec(“a=5”, {})
  5. As result I have an error. An info about the error is on a screenshoot: