How to prevent users from logging in to multiple devices concurrently

I’m using tutor v15.0.1 and tutor-mfe
I’ve tried to set PREVENT_CONCURRENT_LOGINS = True but it didn’t work.
By default, users can not login to multiple devices concurrently in Koa Native Installation if I remember it right.

This setting is actually a key in the FEATURES Django setting, so you’d need to set FEATURES['PREVENT_CONCURRENT_LOGINS'] = True. Is that what the issue was?

On the other hand, it looks like it is true by default… I don’t know what to make of that.

Yes, I was adding it in FEATURES.
It just doesn’t work no matter what I do.

Is this bug or did I miss something?

I think the problem is the flag is set to False in this file:

For some reason, I couldn’t overwrite it with a plugin that pathed openedx-common-settings.
I commented the line in the python’s site-packages folder and it worked as expected (this is a test not a recommended solution though).

I was able to prevent concurrent logins by adding FEATURES['PREVENT_CONCURRENT_LOGINS'] = True to the "“openedx-common-settings” patch. With this patch I was automatically logged out from one browser when I logged in from another one. To reproduce, I did:

  1. Log in from Firefox
  2. Log in from Chromium
  3. Explore courses in Firefox: I am no longer logged-in.
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Thanks! I will review my config and test it again.