How to set up worldwide open Climate course Green Water Cools

Hello OpenEdX’ers,

We have climate insights that we want to share with the world:

  1. in an open course - accessible for anyone who is interested and
  2. we want to train trainers that will help implement the solutions.

Question: How should we do that?

We are the "Green Water Cools’ collective that has done indepth research into the cooling role of forests via the Green Water cooling cycle. The research shows that we as mankind did something more than only emitting greenhouse gases, but that the deforestation by mankind caused a deminishing cooling capacity and that led also to temperature rise. When we restore in a smart way our landscape we can restore the cooling capacity, stabilize our climate and even cool down and achieve our climate goals cheaper, faster, with less risk and more social perspective.
See: and this 5 min summary video:
Youtube: How 'green' water cools our planet (5 min summary) - YouTube
LinkedIn: Marcel de Berg on LinkedIn: #forests #climatechange #Carbonbudget | 26 comments

It would be great when you can help the world to learn about the Green Water Cools insights.
Please contact: or via LinkedIn:

Thank you, Marcel

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Hi @Marcel_de_Berg, welcome!

This forum is mostly populated by folks that deploy and develop Open edX software, and we help each other do that. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, you came to the right place!

If on the other hand you just want a place to host your course (which is what I suspect), you’re better off contacting one of the many hosting providers in our community directly.

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Thanks, I will contact the hosting providers.

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