Ironwood.master upgrade Ubuntu os base 16.04 to 20.04LTS

Hi Dear all,
I did upgrade ubuntu os 16.04 to 20.04 lts. Its success but my lms , studio and admin django sites are not display. What should i do? pls help me…

this is /edx/var/log/lms/errorlog
errorlog.txt (689.0 KB)

Your error log look very simliar to the one reported in this thread (Ironwood.master course view error) where the Could not import Registry from third_party_auth.provider error caused the LMS to not start, which made celery as well unable to connect to LMS.

Thank u for your answer but this can’t solve my error…pls help

Sadly, looking at the support windows table, you’ll see that ironwood ended its life about the time that ubuntu 20.04 came into being.

Considering that it normally takes a some time to test and upgrade the dependencies and the platform for a move so big it would not be feasible to make the switch in such a short time. In fact, the move to 20.04 was first made in koa. Earlier versions are suggested to use 16.04.

The formal answer would be that you need to upgrade your ironwood.master instance to koa.master minimum, but this would also leave you vulnerable to a relatively old version. Best would be to migrate to maple directly. I know this might be a lot of work, specially if you have custom changes applied to your fork.

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