Is is possible to allow student to reset problems even if their answer is correct?


Is it possible to allow students to reset their answers to all / some problems in the course so that they can answer them again even if their answer is correct? We have a course that teaches Arabic and repetition is important in language learning :slight_smile:

Hi @Yaniv_Gershon, the functionality you describe is currently not available in Open edX. It is possible for staff members to delete a learner’s state for a specific problem but learners cannot do this themselves. (Also, it’s a more invasive action than simply hiding a learner’s answer, as it will permanently delete the learner’s entire history for the problem from the database.)

If you’re willing to consider other options, another approach for achieving what you want might be to use problem types that give you the option to hide a learner’s previous answer by default. In this scenario wouldn’t have to reset their answers at all; they would automatically be hidden when the learner returns to the problem after navigating away from it. The XBlock provides question types (MCQs and MRQs) that support this behavior.