JIRA is full of spam now

I know the developers literally never look at JIRA or fix community-submitted bugs (there were things there that were untriaged for years plural)…but I think since no one looks there no one has seen yet that it’s completely full of SPAM now…


Thanks for bringing this up @Rohan . We’ve cleared the spam out of that Jira project and closed it down for new issues. Soon, we’ll be turning the entire Jira instance at openedx.atlassian.net into a read-only archive.

The best way to report issues right now is post on this forum, as you just did. In the future we hope that every GitHub repository will accept and triage bugs; as a prerequisite to this we’re working on assigning a project maintainer to every repository.


Thanks @kmccormick :+1:

Maybe it could also make sense to provide a way for people interested in it like @Rohan a way to contribute to bug triage? What would help with it? Things like commenting on the tickets can help, or attracting the attention of a core contributor or (upcoming) maintainer on a specific issue if something gets stale (like you did here). Maybe the rights to update tasks for triage could be granted (we can usually revert ticket changes easily, so we can probably be liberal about this?).

If the collaboration worked well, it could even be a path to becoming a core contributor, helping with tickets triage (ie additional “project manager” cores)? Being an open source project means that we can all help to accelerate to fix the issues we identify as important, and the core contributor program a way to obtain them.

@antoviaque Yes, that all sounds good to me. I think the best way to help is for us to continue getting the project maintainer program off the ground. That’ll give us a place to collect the issues (repos) and a group of people to resolve or delegate the issues (maintainers).

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