Lilac native installation error

Please Why Lilac installation failed, I have installed open-release/lilac.1 (Ubuntu 20.04) with linux server on azure portal.

I want to know Lilac installation is related or not with azure subscription region. I have already install Southeast Asia (dollar used) region, Its is successfully finished installation.

Now this error is on East Us (japan Yen used).

it shows that the ubuntu version you are using there is 18.04 and you mentioned you succesfully installed it in 20.04, can you please make sure the ubuntu image is also 20.04?

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Looks like the Build-Test-Release group’s CI also caught this. Opened an issue to track progress.

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I created virtual machine with Ubuntu 20.04. I don’t know whats wrong :cry:


Please can u tell me how can i use this link which u give…
how can i fix my error with this issue link

@rose, there’s no fix, yet. Once there is, though, that’s where it’ll show up first.