LTI Key Formatting: Issues with ":" Placement

Currently working with a variety of releases of Open EdX and encountering issues with LTI key formatting. The current version of the LTI Xblock parses LTI strings using the “:” character. We are working with a provider that includes an additional “:” in their LTI keys, and this causes the key to be parsed too early. Here is the standard format for current LTI keys: “id:key:secret”. We are currently working with an LTI tool provider that formats their keys this way: “id:sub-id:key:secret”. We are working with the developer to address issues in LTI key format compliance with Open EdX standards. Has anyone encountered this issue and if so how have you resolved it?

Hi @sambiddl recently the commit addresses this issue was landed

You can point lti_consumer directly on this commit if you are on Juniper or consider patching the fork of the appropriate lti_consumer xblock version.

I hope, it would help.