Open edX with Kubernetes using Harmony - Error

Hi everyone!

I need to install Open Edx on Kubernertes to a custumer using GKE. I saw some tutorials and I found a repository called Harmony. “GitHub - openedx/openedx-k8s-harmony: A Prototype Helm Chart for deploying multiple Open edX instances (via Tutor) onto a cluster.
Well, when I get in to the part where you have to put variables above:

export INSTANCE_ID=openedx-01
export TUTOR_ROOT=~/deployments/tutor-k8s/$INSTANCE_ID
tutor plugins enable k8s_harmony
tutor config save -i --set K8S_NAMESPACE=$INSTANCE_ID

This error occours:

Error: Missing configuration value: 'K8S_NAMESPACE' is undefined"

But if ai tip echo “$K8S_NAMESPACE” this variable exists.

Someone just set up this App using this repository?

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