Source code of end point

How can i know source code of api end point calling like that
I didn’t find source code yet. Please…

Hi HlaThit.

If you can describe what you’re doing to trigger a request to this URL, it would be much simpler to answer your question.

Hi @0x29a,
I have found the source code of login form. Thank you for replying me. Now I am tracing the code of login form and registration api. I do not understand some code of third party authentication provider and pipeline as below.

third_party_provider, running_pipeline = _link_user_to_third_party_provider(
            is_third_party_auth_enabled, third_party_auth_credentials_in_api, user, request, params,

The code is in the directory of edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/openedx/core/djangoapps/user_auths/views/ I want to know why third party authentication pipeline and provider is used if you can help. I am sorry for my silly question because I am new to API.