Special Exam timed exam option not showing in advanced tab studio

As per documentation and following link

I have enabled Proctored Exams and Timed exams from studio and I have also set ENABLE_SPECIAL_EXAMS to true in lms.env.json and cms.env.json files.
And restarted studio and lms after that.
But it is not showing option to select timed exam in advance tab.
In advanced tab It is only showing

Use as a Prerequisite

Make this subsection available as a prerequisite to other content

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem ?

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You can open the advanced settings page by click on Settings > Advanced Settings on the navigation menu at the top of studio.


I am testing this functionality in a test deployment of Lilac, following instructions in the docs:


However, after I “Enable Timed Exams” in the “Advanced Settings” of my test course, I am not able to see the “Advanced” tab when I click “configure” in the “Subsection” that I want to time.

I think I should be seeing this: Enabling timed exams in Open edX - Appsembler Knowledge Base

But I don’t.

Any ideas?

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I also experienced the same in Lilac version. I’m unable to set a timed exam.
Still stuck…


Got this update: Timed Exams breaking in Lilac with edx-proctoring version update - DevOps / Ops Help - Open edX discussions