SSL certifications problem after temporary restore of the computer

Hi there!

I have an active site that I backup up, and now I am trying to run both the active site and the site I created by restoring from the backup. I managed to bring the “new” site up, but I had to change the DNS names of the site, and now I am getting an error that the certifications are invalid. Can you help me?


tutor version - 13.2.0, installed in ubuntu on AWS EC2

If you changed the DNS name of the site, it is expected behavior that the certificate wouldn’t work. (Was and now… doesn’t match.)
Re-issue or reinstall your certificates.

We use a wildcard TLS certificate and add a “restore” prefix to the names (restorecourses, restorestudio, without additional dots), so the certificate is still valid even with the new name. Still we get this problem.

does your wildcard cert cover the specific subdomain you use?
eg. wildcard cert for *.domain.tld does not cover *.lms.domain.tld or *.cms.domain.tld
You’ll need wildcards for each subdomain