Tech talk/demo: Deploying multiple Open edX instances onto a Kubernetes Cluster with Tutor

Yes, we should definitely find a way to make it public and let people comment on it.


Since Grove is on Gitlab, can’t we use Gitlab Boards?


@toxinu Would be a great idea, though it is not really good for roadmapping or indicating what should come after the other.

I found the option to share the current roadmap, but there is no way for outside collaborators to comment on the roadmap.

A somewhat better option would be using GitLab roadmap, but that’s not the best either. I’ll do some research int he upcoming days what is the best option for open-source projects and communities.


With @Felipe and @natea we have also been talking about discussing collaboration on a common approach. Maybe a good time for this would be the build-test-release working group on Friday at the conference? @braden @regis @toxinu @andres @lpm0073 @gabor would you join it? (possibly remotely?)

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yes, i’ll join. where can i find the call information (date, time, call-in url)?

The BTR working group is scheduled for 10am Lisbon time on Friday; that’s probably too inconvenient for @lpm0073 right? So maybe we could do it later in the day?

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That is perfect for me, would be great to pull @keithgg in the conversation too, he is in Lisbon too.
When we have a date and time, could someone please share the meeting invitation?

yes, later would be appreciated but i’m confirmed either way. how will i call in? is there a url?

Hi @lpm0073

This is the regular BTR Working Group meeting link for every second Monday at 3pm UTC: I’m not sure which link will be used for this Friday but the meeting is owned by @BbrSofiane or @dbates so let’s see.

Currently the BTR is meeting is set for 10am-12:30pm (5-6:30am EDT) on Friday. Hopefully it can be moved an hour or two later. @BbrSofiane is apparently going to ask @ehuthmacher about conference scheduling.

@Dean your welcome to use that link if you wish I can pop in and make someone else the host if needed. iI Sofiane is in the meeting he is preset as the host.

do note its set to cloud record automatically so if you want that changed beforehand let me know


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Thank. ok, so, summarizing what i understand: video call tomorrow at 10:00 GMT using the url above.

It’s not exactly GMT - Lisbon is off by an hour. As I understand, it’s 10am - 12:30 Lisbon time, though it sounds like we’re trying to move it later.

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thanks for pointing that out. so, it’s 4:00am my local time. i’ll try to down at least a couple of cups of coffee beforehand :wink:

@dbates can multiple hosts be added in Zoom because I’ve not heard from @BbrSofiane to confirm his attendance?

My email is

Sorry @dean you would have to be a licenced user of Zoom to become a host by default before the meeting starts. I’ve licenced Sofiane for this year but don’t have anymore accounts left to licence him on my organisation. I will try to be there before 10 to make you a host once the meeting starts.

@dbates thank you very much. I do get bombarded with marketing emails from Zoom each week but we don’t have a Zoom license as we use Google Chat in our team. To be honest I’m not even that important for the meeting as I’m usually just playing the role of an onlooker/secretary for Working Groups, so as long as the meeting is available for people, we’re all good. I especially wanted Lawrence to be sure he would get access since he is waking up at 3am, or not going to sleep at all! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@braden does this mean our BTR meeting clashes with the inaugural #wg-open-edx-product-management meeting? Both are at 10am Portugal time. If so, I’ll probably jump across to that meeting as it’s the inaugural one.

Yes there are three different working group tracks all scheduled for the same time, I believe.

Hi @Dean @dbates do you know if this session was recorded? I would like to watch it. Thanks in advance.

Hi @jhony_avella usually it is recorded. I recall that @dbates and @BbrSofiane have control of that Zoom account.

I was only there for the first few minutes then jumped across to the inaugural Product Working Group meeting that was scheduled at the same time.