TOC Community Members Elections - Brainstorm thread

The task

As discussed in the Contributor Meetup, the new Technical Oversight Committee (“TOC”) of Open edX has recently started meeting. A key first order of business for the TOC is now to “organize and administer the annual election” of the community representatives on the committee. This process is not fully specified in the charter, so the TOC needs to design and approve it. Ed Zarecor, as chair of the TOC, has asked the new community members of the TOC to create a recommendation for the nomination and election process. Once a draft is complete, it will be presented to the whole TOC for review and approval.

Brainstorming & getting comments

To help prepare that recommendation, we would like to get the input from the rest of the community. This is why we are opening this thread, as a form of brainstorm – if you have any ideas or comments, please post them!

Prior art in other open source projects

Ignacio Despujol is also preparing a recap of prior art from other open-source projects, which he will post on this thread once he has it ready. If you are willing to help him prepare it, please say so in a reply in the current thread.

Topics of discussion

The recommendation will need to specify processes, including:

  • How elections will be conducted
  • Who will be eligible
  • How nominations are made (who can be nominated, who can nominate, and how)
  • How the voting is done
  • How voting results define which nominees are selected


  • Emphasize the “do-ocractic” nature of the project in the way we design the election process.
  • Ensure TOC members have demonstrated commitment and contribution to the project.
  • Incorporate ways to promote the core contributor & maintainer program through the election, encouraging more community members and organizations to commit time to it


The charter specifies that community members are to be confirmed by November 1st. So we’ll need to be ready by then.


Thank you Xavier for the introduction.

I have located the procedures for the TOC election of only three institutions, Cloud Native computing foundation (toc/ at main · cncf/toc · GitHub) and Continuous Delivery Foundation (toc/elections/2021 at master · cdfoundation/toc · GitHub) and Istio (community/ at master · istio/community · GitHub
). In the first two the term is for 2 years and in the third for one year.

In Istio the steering commitee selects the TOC, so I have included the steering commitee election procedure.

I have tried to organize the different aspects of the process in an excel table that I am attaching, but this implies changing the order of the clauses, so if someone has doubts about something I would recommend going to the original URL.

I cannot upload the excel file to the forum, so I have put it here Excel file with the comparison


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