[Tutor] Fails when build mfe images

Hi everyone this my background:
I am trying to write a custom app to contribute to openedx.

These are what I am trying to do:

  • Write a custom react app from tutor react mfe template
  • Write a plugin to run my react app.

But I am facing errors when build images.

These are the steps that I did:
Step 2: Create custom react mfe from template:

Go to: GitHub - openedx/frontend-template-application: A template repository for creating Open edX frontend applications. 💿➡️📀

Create new repo from this template with name: frontend_app_[yourmfe]

Step 3: Work with plugin path:
Follow the doc: Creating a Tutor plugin — Tutor documentation

Create plugin folder in that path:
mkdir -p “$(tutor plugins printroot)”

Go to the path printed from:
tutor plugins printroot

Step 4: Create a plugin file:
Add a file [yourmfe]plugin.py in the above path

Add this code:

def _add_my_mfe(mfes):
    mfes["mfe_yourmfe"] = {
        "repository": "https://github.com/thetansabe/frontend_app_[yourmfe].git",
        "port": 2003,
        "version": "master", # optional, will default to the Open edX current tag.
        # "refs" : "https://api.github.com/repos/rimsha-zaib/mfe_courses/git/refs/heads",
    return mfes

Step 5: Save config:
tutor plugins enable [yourmfe]plugin.py
tutor config save

Step 6: Run your custom mfe:
tutor images build mfe => this is where I failed
tutor local launch

Do you have any idea