Updated course?

I just started the “Full Stack Cloud Developer” Course by IBM and finished the first module. I saw that at least one of the videos content is at least a few years old.
I would like to know if the other 9 small courses in the Developer course are updated to this year and contain the newest technology or not.
I had other Full Stack courses booked before (not from IBM) and it turned out that the course content was years old and many softwares have been updated in the mean time. That’s why I am a little bit concerned about the whole course.
Thank you!

Hello @Regina-Mue ,

Your question seems to be about an online course in edX and this forum is mainly for the open edX project.
Despite out best efforts, the 2 initiatives are often misunderstood.
Here is an article that might help clarify the difference:

I hope you are able to find the answers you need with the edX.org support channels.