Why did the account logout fail?

Hello, every. I failed to log off my account. Does anyone know why?

@Dexter As always, we need details of what you tried. What server is this? (Your own, I assume.) What version of the software? What exactly did you do that led to this?

Hello, nedbat. The software is deployed on the company’s server. We’re using the latest version of Open edX. I do not know the details.
I am not a developer, but a teacher, so I may not be clear in communication, Please bear with me.

First, this is not logout, this is account deletion. Be advised, if you delete your account this way, you won’t be able to create another one with the same email easily.
Second, if that’s a new instance, account deletion states might not be populated correctly. Make your admins check the admin/user_api/retirementstate/ position in django admin, there should be minimum 4 states here (PENDING, ERRORED, ABORTED, COMPLETED).

Thank you, kirkerafael. I’ll have the administrator check on what you said.