2024 Community TOC Election - Candidate Nominations


## Full name

Ignacio (Nacho) Despujol Zabala

## Picture

## Title (1-5 words)

Let’s make continue making Open edX the best LMS for on and off-campus use!

## Goals summary for the 2023 term (<40 words)

I want to help make Open edX a sustainable open source project with a strong and diverse community. I also want to contribute to incorporating the point of view of the university’s platform managers into the Open edX governance and help to expand edX into being a strong contestant in the on-campus LMS arena.

### Details

I think that Open edX is the best LMS for massive online learning, but it has a lot to improve as an on-campus LMS. I have been involved in managing the financing that 8 Spanish universities have got from the European Union as a seed to foster this change, and I want the broader community to profit from it.

I also want to contribute to the process of transforming Open edX into a completely open and diverse open source project with a vibrant community, and I think that now we have a big opportunity to do it right.

## Relevant experience

I am the MOOC initiative coordinator of Universitat Politècnica de València. We are members of edx.org with more than 120 moocs and 4,2 million enrollments and also have a local instance of Open edX for more local courses and first runs of the Edx courses, which we have been using since we started 2014. With it we have done several experiments, creating Xblocks and other developments that we have presented in several Open edX conferences (though we have not contributed them to the core).

I was appointed as one of the initial TOC community members, where I participated in the strategy-setting meetings held during this year, and collaborated with Xavier in the development of the election process of TOC community members.

I am also leading the initiative of several universities from Spain to expand Open edX with 500,000 euros of European Union funding, a project that I presented to the community at the Lisboa Open edX conference. Following this line, I am one of the founding members of the “Open edX for Campus use” working group, to keep the project aligned with the broader community and make Open edX one of the best on-campus LMS.

I am a core contributor, trying to bring the platform operator’s point of view to the developing community.

## Time commitment

I plan to dedicate 5 hours per month to TOC activities, and 10 more per month to my activities as core contributor, so 15 hours per month in total, but I am open to dedicating more if needed.