2024 Community TOC Election - Voting Starts Today!

Originally published at: 2024 Community TOC Election - Voting Starts Today! - Open edX

Thank you to everyone, who has registered to vote for the 2024 Community Technical Oversight Committee! The community has been asked to elect three members of the core decision-making body for the Open edX project, the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). The three elected community representatives will be responsible for governing the overall stewardship and technical…

Hi there! Can anyone help and provide some descriptions regarding ranking? Do we need to rank 3 people from 1 to 5 or we need to rank everyone? It will be very helpful to have more details. Thanks!

Thank you for bringing up this point! The voting criteria ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being your first choice (most wanted) and 5 being your last choice (least wanted).