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Hi there!
Is there a gradebook in the course with a large number of students? What is the student limit for this?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @sevdesivri I think there is no limit on the number of students that can be shown in the gradebook, have you noticed something different? It would be good if you could share what’s your experience so we can see if there is an error or something to configure

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Which version are you using?

Hi @Dean and @eLRuLL

We are using koa.3 and for example if the number of students more than 200, the gradebook is lost. You said there is no limit, but it gives a message like this screenshot:

Hi @Hilal_Gungor,

According to these older docs from Cyprus the limit is 200:


I don’t see anything about a limit in Koa’s docs:


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I got it, thank you so muc for yor help :slight_smile:

do you have any way to increase the number above 200 people?

The new Open edX gradebook MFE can support more than 200 students, but enabling it on your instance requires some technical work (unless it can now be easily toggled on the the Lilac release, but I don’t think so). You can reach out to service providers if you need technical help.