APIs to fetch courses on and bulk download of transcripts

I d like to better understand the tech opportunities of open edX.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

Q1 - Is there an #api to fetch all of the courses that are offered by content providers ?

Q2 - Is there the possibility to analyse content, in terms of data-science ?
e.g. I may want to apply #NLP to transcripts.

@nedbat Hi ned, thank you for putting my inquiry on the right label.

I read you are engineer at open edx and ex.

Maybe could you offer some points of view to answers my questions about possibility to fetch courses via API, and analyse on bulk the transcripts?

I self-funded a pilot for contextual research, to help in knowledge discovery.
A person can navigate the connections to learn about the learning paths between topics.

On top of the topics and connections, I want to add meaningful content, such as edx courses.

Might you have suggestions for this type of applications or willing to have more info, please ping me.

@frbddnforest The last discussions I know of for an API to export courses is at

In a nutshell, unless new work has been done since then, there is only an API to import courses currently, but it looks like there isn’t much work needed to add one to export courses, if you would be up to contribute it.

Hi @antoviaque, thank you for your message. I actually was looking for bulk download or API to export analytics.
Im a beginner respect edx, so before contributing with extension, I need to learn it.
P.s. I looked at open source developer at opencraft.com - I don’t fully qualify, being a beginner respect to edx, however might there is space for discussing a collaboration, so that I could uptake quicker by training, I’d be interested in a chat.