Authentication for Open edX LMS

Hi, We are currently planning on moving our current LMS to Open edX, which we will be hosting ourselves. We are exploring ways to authenticate the users on Open edX when they are redirected from our platform to Open edX on our domain. In our platform. We use Session Authentication; hence i would like to know the best/possible ways to achieve it. Our existing platform uses Django/DRF.
We have multiple parts in our platform other than LMS, and we will be only moving LMS to Open edX, which will be hosted on a different subdomain.

Any guidance or support would be greatly appreciated.

Thinking of something like SSO.

How we want it to work:

  1. User logs in to our existing platform
  2. They will be redirected to our Open Edx domain. Here they should not be asked to log in again.
    Our current platform uses SessionAuthentication.

Hi @ShreehariVaasishta

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From what I know these are some of the options for authentication:

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Linkedin, WordPress
OAuth and OpenID

Hi @Dean
Thank you for welcoming me to the community, it has been great so far.

I have updated my question with what exactly I’m looking for with respect to authentication. I am extremely sorry for not making myself clear earlier.

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