Avatars borders in the Discussion MFE are square in Safari

The issue

The bug was found in safari with avatars borders, which are square. It happens because instead of borders they are using outline css property, and Safari doesn’t understand bordered outline.

Our proposal - to use border instead of outline or move outline property to pseudo element of the image parent div.

Unfortunately I’m new member and I can’t attach pictures for clearest explanation of this bug, sorry.

@arbrandes “Hi! Maybe you can help me with the problem described above? I’ve uploaded pictures to an external resource. Could you please take a look?”

Safari - https://ananasov.net/rg/discussion/image.png
Chrome - https://ananasov.net/rg/discussion/image1.png

Hey @Stanislav_Lunyachek! Welcome to the forum!

Do you mind creating a new issue on the frontend-app-discussions Github repository describing the problem? This will make it easier to find somebody to work on it, and also easier for you to keep track of it.