Build failed running pavelib.assets.update_assets in openedx

I am new in openedx platform so please help me when I run this command

paver update_assets lms --settings=production

I got this Error like-



Build failed running pavelib.assets.update_assets: Subprocess return code: 1
make: *** [lms-static] Error 1

I am using Hawthorn.master and MacOS Catalina( 10.15.3 )

Paste full log on and share

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This is full log ==>click Here!


Try with this command.


and restart lms and cms

@hellobkrishna, unfortunately the real cause of the issue here is probably hidden by the 2>/dev/null portion of the last command run here.

I’ve run into issues at this stage before, and running python lms --settings=production print_setting STATIC_ROOT without the redirect usually shows the true issue.

For me in the past, it’s been due to issues with installed requirements. I fix this by running paver install_prereqs.