Can Edx be used a backend platform in a microlearning app?

Hi there
I am trying to understand if (open) edx can be used as a backend platform for a microlearning app?
Essentially, the learners will register/consumer course on the app - but all the course content will come from the backend, which I am exploring can be built using Edx.

Wondering what do you guys suggest…Is this an overkill (given that Edx is mainly used for end to end course production/consumption). Or if somebody has already done this - would love to hear from you.

Would love to hear from the community.

@ashish It is possible yes, a number of projects using Open edX have been built to only use it as a backend, and have been displayingfully custom frontends to the user - like LabXchange or McKinsey Academy. However, these projects currently tend to be fairly large ones, and the work necessary to get this to work isn’t negligible. So that might depend on the details of your project, but that can definitely make sense to take this approach in some cases.