Can not run instructor tasks - celery error (unregistered task)

When running instructor tasks from the instructor dashboard, such as the ones in data download, the tasks never leave the “Queuing” state. Looking at the logs, I see this:

Mar  1 13:06:08 ip-(hidden) [service_variant=lms][lms.djangoapps.instructor_task.api_helper][env:sandbox] WARNING [ip-(hidden)  127660] [user 15] [ip (hidden)] [] - No duplicate tasks found: task_type profile_info_csv, task_key , and most recent task_id = 73
Mar  1 13:06:08 ip-(hidden) [service_variant=lms][celery.worker.consumer.consumer][env:sandbox] ERROR [ip-(hidden)  127631] [user None] [ip None] [] - Received unregistered task of type 'lms.djangoapps.instructor_task.tasks.calculate_students_features_csv'.
The message has been ignored and discarded.

Did you remember to import the module containing this task?
Or maybe you're using relative imports?

Please see
for more information.

The full contents of the message body was:
b'{"task": "lms.djangoapps.instructor_task.tasks.calculate_students_features_csv", "id": "a246ebfd-0b17-413d-9a69-928ed2bf8db8", "args": [74, {"xqueue_callback_url_prefix": "https://preview.lms.(hidden)", "request_info": {"username": "guipenedo", "user_id": 15, "ip": "(hidden)", "agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:86.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/86.0", "host": "preview.lms.(hidden)"}, "task_id": "a246ebfd-0b17-413d-9a69-928ed2bf8db8"}], "kwargs": {}, "group": null, "group_index": null, "retries": 0, "eta": null, "expires": null, "utc": true, "callbacks": null, "errbacks": null, "timelimit": [null, null], "taskset": null, "chord": null}' (675b)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/edx/app/edxapp/venvs/edxapp/lib/python3.8/site-packages/celery/worker/consumer/", line 562, in on_task_received
    strategy = strategies[type_]
KeyError: 'lms.djangoapps.instructor_task.tasks.calculate_students_features_csv'

This happens for all tasks on the instructor dashboard, (example: lms.djangoapps.instructor_task.tasks.calculate_may_enroll_csv).
The tasks previously worked and I did not change anything celery related, at least afaik, so I am not quite sure why the task list is not being imported.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Solved by applying these changes Enforce a Celery singleton across cms and lms by using shared module by timmc-edx · Pull Request #25840 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub