Can't Port forward MFE pod PORT and map it locally


Here is the current scenario:

I’m using Tutor with Ingress on Kubernetes, and it works fine with Caddy service. Due to owning a M2 mac, I’m having difficulty developing the frontend-app-learing MFE locally and the easiest way out is to use a tool called Tilt. The tool is supposed to map the port from the MFE pod to a local port. But when I try to map it locally, I get a strange error related to i18n using this k port-forward pod/mfe-57c876594b-qwd5x 8000:8002

Even running just running the service locally as intructed here in Openedx devstack (Workflow — Open edX Devstack Unversioned documentation). So when I run npm start I get the same error

What can I do that can port forward the MFE locally from a K8s cluster deployed with Tutor?