Can't pull the uuids for courses in ecommerce

Im trying to configure ecommerce and have used the instructions stated here

When registering the courses - i can’t seem to import the courses.

The logs indicate the following error

Dec 25 18:00:44 ip-172-31-21-194 [service_variant=lms][openedx.core.djangoapps.catalog.utils][env:sandbox] WARNING [ip-172-31-21-194  2846] [] - Failed to get program UUIDs from the cache for site
Dec 25 18:05:02 ip-172-31-21-194 [service_variant=lms][openedx.core.lib.log_utils][env:sandbox] INFO [ip-172-31-21-194  2956] [] - ApiKeyHeaderPermission used: ip="", path="/notifier_api/v1/users/"