Change date format for whole platform

Hi! Is there any possibility to change the platform date format from the US (mm/dd/yyyy) to UK (dd/mm/yyyy)?
Thank You!

Hi @Evgen_Dyudyunov! I would have thought that date formats would follow the platform locale (en_UK or en_US). Did you try changing the platform locale? Did you try to set the DATE_FORMAT django setting?

Hi @regis! Thank you for replying.
Yes, changing platform LANGUAGE_CODE to en_GB changes date format, but not everywhere. Main page course cards, course wiki formatted correctly, but for example /courses page course cards and course info (from course instructor page) are not. Their date formated in a different way - with date-utils.js module (from edx ui toolkit). It uses localize function that tries to get pref_lang - user preferred language. But that value is ‘None’ till user goes to account settings and choose any. So now I’m trying to find a way to change the default value for pref_lang (‘en’ to ‘en-gb’ in date-utils.js).

Changing default value for user_language in user_timezone_locale_prefs (courseware context processor) helped.

This looks like a bug in edx-platform, and you sound like a developer. Would you like to open a pull request to fix this issue?