Ci build fails for a new cookiecutter xblock

I recently created an openedx xblock from the edx-cookiecutter template but turns out the github actions ci.yml is failing at this stage

- name: Create Build
      run: |
        rm -rf /tmp/myxblock-xblock
        XBLOCK=$(pwd) && cd /tmp/ && echo -e '\n\n\n\n\n' | cookiecutter $XBLOCK
        cd /tmp/myxblock-xblock && make help && pip install -e .
        cd /tmp/myxblock-xblock && make


-> Run rm -rf /tmp/myxblock-xblock
/home/runner/work/_temp/ line 2: cookiecutter: command not found
Error: Process completed with exit code 127.

I also manually added the cookiecutter in the ci but the build still failed with the following error:

A valid repository for "/home/runner/work/openedx-cmi5-xblock/openedx-cmi5-xblock" could not be found in the following locations:
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

This is happening from the very first commit since the template xblock got created and make upgrade didn’t help either.

If anyone has experienced the same thing or knows how to handle the issue, please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm! That Create Build step seems like it’s actually exercising the xblock-cookiecutter. I’m not sure why it’s in the ci.yml that should be testing an already-built repo. Compare to an actual xblock’s ci.yml, which is very similar but lacks that step.

Does the workflow work if you remove that step? It would be great to get a PR with any fixes that you find are necessary.

Thanks for replying, in the last 1-2 days, i was experimenting a lot with the workflow. Once you eliminate this step (just like you mentioned) and perform certain necessary linting corrections, the workflow passes all the checks.
I’ll open a PR for this issue soon.