Collaborative Research Proposal: Deliver Customized Notifications to Students

Hello, Everyone!

I am Yue Tang, a research student at UCL’s School of Management. I work with Prof. Rouba Ibrahim (Rouba Ibrahim | UCL School of Management) and Dr. Dongyuan Zhan (Dongyuan Zhan | UCL School of Management). I am doing research on delivering customizing course contents to students in MOOCs. The results of my research are theoretical, but we need to run experiments in a real MOOC setting and show how these research results really work.

I have tried to contact edX directly, but it seems edX does not have a specific contact for this kind of request. Therefore, I am here to seek possible collaboration.

What we ask for:

  1. Chances to run expriments in your platform (one or several courses would be sufficient);
  2. Providing us with de-identified track log data for research purpose.

What we could offer to you:

  1. A better way to send customized contents to students, which has sufficiently higher delivery rate (we all know that students in MOOCs drop out very often and their engagement decreases over time);
  2. Our work is going to be published in top business journals, like Management Science, and Operations Research. This may be a good way to improve the reputation of your platform even further. I think the most important thing is, you would attract more researchers since they would know you are very open to research cooperation.

Actually, Dr. Dongyuan Zhan in our research team have already published a paper on MOOCs in one of top journals in our field. The paper is about redesigning the peer assessment in MOOCs so that students are more likely to pay efforts in assessing other peers’ assignments and to report marks that are more precise. The paper is “Economic Behavior of Information Acquisition: Impact on Peer Grading in MOOCs”. If interested, you could take a look.

Looking forward to your reply and possible cooperation.