Completely hiding a course from everyone but a particular group

Hello all,

Firstly apologies if this is covered ground, I don’t seem to be able to find the answer to this and my testing results in a failure to accomplish what I’m seeking to. I need to be able to completely obscure certain courses from appearing anywhere in any visible area of the site for everyone except particular users. I have used the settings “visibility in catalogue: {none}” and “invitation only: {true}” in Studio, and yet there still are courses with broken image links that appear in the “discover new” area in my test account. I’m willing to try using teams or any other organizational method to create this exclusion, as well as dig into the code somehow if absolutely necessary, but it is imperative that the absence of visibility is complete.

I have been consulting the following documentation: 7.7. Controlling Content Visibility and Access — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

Again apologies if this is well-known and I’m just missing it somehow, and thank you for reading!

I wanted to follow up here and mention that I have also tried this, to no avail:

Following up here to say that I’ve also tried the instructions found here, also no success:

Have you tried invite by email option?

Hi @danhz you’re not alone – this is a source of confusion for many people using the platform. I’ll suggest to the core committer team that fixing this would make a great contribution for future releases. But in the meantime…

Can you post the relevant fields from your current configuration so we can see if there’s something that you may have missed?

If you don’t want to run Course Discovery, have you disabled the course discovery plugin on Tutor?

If you do want to run Course Discovery, then this thread might be useful: Request for feedbak: breaking changes for course visibility - #3 by kmccormick

Hi @jill thanks for your response! I am currently working with my team on attempting to implement some of these suggestions you’ve provided here. It seems as though disabling the course discovery plugin didn’t quite work but as I’m not the one who implemented the change I can’t be more specific at the moment. For the sake of posterity and future attempts to sort this matter, I’ll do my best to follow up here with our findings on this as well if it’s of any use to the community. Thanks again!

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