How do I hide a course from the "Discover new" section?

Good afternoon!
I have a course that is in the process of being developed, and I want it not to be visible. I set “Course Visibility In Catalog” as “none” for course → settings → advanced settings,

and in the admin panel in the “Site configuration” section I added a item with value


But the course is still displayed in “discover new”. Also added to lms.env.json


And restarted docker with the “systemctl restart docker” command
however, this does not work either. What else can I try?

Hi @shepel.a.m ! Welcome to the forum!!

Maybe it’s because you are logged in as a user that is admin or course staff. Try with a regular user. The “Visibility in Catalog” advance setting should be enough to hide a course if set to “none”.


@andres Thanks for the quick response!
Unfortunately, no, I’m testing by a regular user who does not have access to any of the courses, but I can still see them in “Discovery new” (I expect to see only 1 of 2, because one has Visibility in Catalog: none)

I was able to solve this by changing the start Date & end Date, setting them in the past. Then the course is considered completed and is not shown on the Discover new page


@shepel.a.m That’s a smart workaround since in the /courses page (discovery) only “available” courses are displayed. But what about the LMS home page before sign in? The course might still be displaying there?

May I ask which version of Open edX you are using? Is it Maple or?